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Cherise LastName

Cherise LastName
Atlanta, GA

This book is a gem! Every naturalista will be able to relate to the hair struggle being absolutely real but also absolutely rewarding. I love the illustrations. The questions are a good combo of insightful and fun. Yes, I remember what my mama first said after I went natural! And it wasn't pretty, but she's come around.



I am SUCH a fan of this book. It's my go to gift for friends (I bought 5 copies!) who are already natural, transitioning to their natural hair or just interested in venting about hair in general. My favorite chapter is "Hair Esteem" because it helped me reflect on my relationship with my hair. I couldn't put this book down because it's like a hair diary/journal and the pics are absolutely gawgeous! Love it!



I love this book! I started my natural hair journey (and that's exactly what it is when you are rediscovering your natural beauty…a journey) three years ago and this book takes me down memory lane but also inspires me to keep going! It's exactly what us 'naturualistas' need- a way of reminding ourselves why we went natural in the first place, how we feel about natural hair, how it makes us feel about ourselves and other people, and a way to laugh about it all along the way. The illustrations are beautiful and a big part of what makes this book special. I've already gifted to a few of my friends!!



A must-have for naturalistas (and a great gift for them too)! The illustrations are beautifully done and the journal prompts are hilariously thought-provoking. I started my natural hair journey about 3 years ago; it was a process, but it was 100% worth it. Naturally You asks questions that are helping me understand why this has been such an important part of finding my identity. I'm also getting a kick out of reminiscing about some of my questionable hair decisions over the years…that Pro-Style up ponytail…WHY? LOL! Definitely will be in my "great gift" rotation!



This book came at the right time. I recently cut all of my hair (about 13 in) because I couldn't fathom spending another second on my hair. Now, I am having some challenges with styling short hair and Naturally You is helping my navigate through the process. I love the "Daily Do" and "Product Junkie" sections. I would recommend this book to the person who creates bomb twist outs every time, the person who can't imagine being natural, and everyone in between. Everyone can gain something from this book, even if it is just understanding your relationship with your hair.


About the Book

Naturally You by Layla Bryant is a new and exciting hair journal that is sure to make waves. Written with naturalistas in mind this book helps you document every step of your natural hair journey from the time you decide to go natural to the point that you’ve fulfilled your hair goals. With a backdrop of inspirational artwork this journal features thought provoking questions and activities that prompt a unique story told in your own words. As you turn the pages you are compelled to reminisce over the up and down relationship with your hair from childhood through gorgeous gray. You are challenged to ponder hair attraction, philosophy and politics on both a personal and communal level. It even encourages you to consider your hair goals, setting a styling schedule, and pinpointing the local natural hair resources in your town. Enjoy in a book club, at your next family gathering, during a ladies night out or quiet night in your favorite reading nook. No matter the setting Naturally You will evoke laughter, contemplation and conversation. A refreshing and fun guided tour through natural hair adventures, Naturally You is the perfect gift for naturalistas in all stages and phases.

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Meet Author Layla Bryant

Oakland, CA native Layla Bryant works with nonprofit organizations by day and delves into her love of natural hair by night. Being a naturalista nearly 15 years she has been firmly planted in the natural hair community since its early days and witnessed its evolution into a movement.

This is Layla’s first published work. She resides in the Atlanta, GA area with her husband and 3 children.

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Naturally You Book


Naturally You Hardbound Hair Journal, by Layla Bryant.



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